Snow: the in-depth beauty of it

Snow in Mississippi is like a holiday. It only happens once a year, we go all out for the occasion, and it doesn’t take us long to get over it. School lets out, we get excited, we raid the grocery stores (getting made fun of by everyone north of the Mason-Dixon Line), we find our snow clothes that have been packed away in the attic for an entire year, we go play outside in the same temps we complained about the week before, and we have ourselves a ball. It’s the most beautiful sight we’ve seen all winter. Then comes the day after…

Our kids are driving us insane. We are getting cabin fever (going stir crazy). We are just ready to go back to our normal day to day. (I am saying we, but I don’t really fit in this category. I’ll explain more below.)

As I was sitting here looking back through pictures of the past few days, my mind wandered into the depths of it all. It started sleeting and snowing Friday, then came the weekend, followed by MLK Day on Monday, and more snow on Tuesday (which still isn’t melted). Very rare circumstances, but the cause of school being out for six days (as of now). Six days. It’s almost like we got a winter break without an actual winter break being part of the plan.

We constantly are asking time to slow down. Our babies are growing too fast, our afternoons aren’t long enough, our weekends aren’t long enough, we never have time to relax and enjoy our families, and our bodies are exhausted from running to ball games, school functions, work events, etc. Have you ever stopped to think, maybe the snow is our “getaway” or pause button on life? I realize there are some that still have to go to work, but for the most part, a lot of businesses and schools are shut down. The road conditions, frigid temps, and closings will cause a lot of people to stay home. Our free pass to a little R&R time from the Man upstairs. He knows a lot of us are too stubborn to make the time on our own, so He makes it for us. Not only that, He does it all with beauty. I don’t care if you hate snow with a passion, you have to admit, it’s beautiful to look at.

About the part where I don’t fit in the category….the older I get, the more of a homebody I become. I love being home and I love spending time with my kids/husband. When school is out for any reason, I’m that momma that wants to check the kids out early and get this party started. I seriously think I’m part Amish. (Actually, I’m nowhere close, but they are pretty awesome.) When I see people complain about school dismissing or see parents who can’t wait to send their kids back to school after day one, I can’t comprehend that. My kids fuss and fight, they do unravel my nerves from time to time, but I don’t think they’d ever do it so much that I didn’t get excited when it’s announced that we get a snow day….or in this case, ANOTHER snow day. This doesn’t necessarily apply to those who have to report to work regardless of the weather. In all honesty, I bet if you asked those parents, they would be thrilled to swap roles with you. One day we will be wishing we had these snow days back. Memories that are just that. We will be wishing that we were making snow cream, building a snowman, sledding down hills, cleaning up the piles and piles of clothes from beside the front door, arguing about the amount of time spent outside before taking a break to warm up, or shut in our home with kids that have been shut in with each other one day too many. Time is something we can never get back.

God works in mysterious ways, His plans are greater than ours, His timing is perfect, and He makes beauty from ashes. Instead of looking at the downfalls of the snow, look at the beauty of it….the in-depth beauty of it. Not just snow, but find the beauty in every day. It will make those days where we are waiting on our break not seem so bad.

(P.S. I’m over the actual snow, now. I got my feel of it. I’m good for another year. HOWEVER, I still sees it’s beauty and I will take a snow day anytime they will give one. 😊 The end.)


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